Carrie’s Bio

Carrie Kish is a rule breaker and hell raiser who has made a career of unleashing leaders to their full potential. Sometimes, that means putting them on a choke chain for a few minutes and sometimes that means unleashing their dark side in service of their mission. In all cases, it means helping people learn how to expand their identities to have the maximum impact they can have more authentically and more powerfully. It means learning how to stop going sideways and becoming a full spectrum leader who can use all aspects of who they are – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Carrie Kish is a CEO, speaker, teacher, wife, coach, mother (of 4 boys!), “a good Catholic,” and a self-proclaimed diva. Carrie is a serial entrepreneur with a degree in chemistry from UCLA. As a partner and the CEO of CultureSync, Carrie is known for being a fierce coach and having unrealistic and (slightly) irresponsible dreams and ridiculously high expectations. Constantly challenging the status quo, Carrie is determined to help people become incredible leaders, build epic teams, and create legendary companies. Her own current leadership adventures include learning to horse back ride and dance the Argentine Tango. Carrie has the opportunity to work with some of the coolest people and some of the best leaders in the world, from multiple walks of life and from diverse industries. So, she’s bringing you her conversations with these people in hopes that you might learn something that you can use to unleash your leadership and make a bigger difference in the world.


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