Discovering Your Genius with Nickie DeTolve

Enjoy this very intimate episode with Nickie, our Director of all things Digital, including this podcast and all of our slides and all design needs. She offers practical advice about your presentations, but the most impactful part of the episode is when Nickie courageously shares her experience of being bi-polar in the workplace. She shares her triggers for depression, her coping strategies and the gift of approaching the world in a different way.

Note for our listeners: Nickie has an amazing support system including mental health professionals that she trusts. She is not looking for advice, recommendations, diagnosis or treatment. She is only offering a perspective on what’s working for her. This is not medical advice or treatment. If you are struggling with bi-polar or any other mental illness, we recommend that you consult a qualified health professional who you trust. We are not qualified to diagnose or recommend any course of action for you. We are only attempting to shed light on a challenge that is being experienced in the work place and to make this conversation a little more accessible for you as a leader.

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