Leading the Pack: Dogs & Wolves with Tom Rose

Contractor. Private Investigator. Wilderness Outfitter. Tom Rose has done it all. In a special High Country edition of Leadership Unleashed, Carrie joins Tom in the Wyoming wilderness to talk about leadership lessons from a life outdoors. Listen in to this unusual conversation between Carrie and Tom to learn why he’d follow Jean Luc Pickard from Star Trek but not Captain Kirk and what he thinks the significant difference is between pack and herd behavior. It’s an episode rich in leadership lessons and insights – delivered in a very unconventional venue and through an equally unlikely teacher.

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  • Tom is an old friend of mine. Thirty four years by our collective reasoning. I enjoyed the podcast I just don’t understand all the time spent on disclaimers. I have never heard so many disclaimers about a podcast in my life, or any other thing for that matter. Why? Let the people that take offense to some f-bombs and a correct use of the word bitch move along, Tom won’t care. They are missing a real, honest human being who is unafraid to tell you what he thinks. He isn’t just spewing crap, there is always kernels of truth and profound insight in what he says and what he thinks. He would love for you to disagree with him as long as you can argue effectively. Tom Rose has done things that most people could only dream of and it is because of this that he is a good person to listen to.

    • Hi Brent! Thank you for your comments about my podcast with Tom. I apologize for the lengthy disclaimer. I actually agree with you that Tom is an amazing leader and human and that he has great insights to share. That’s why I podcasted with him. Many of our clients and listeners, though, find me to be the most provocative person that they’ve ever come across and I have a lot of work before I am as good at thoughtfully provoking people as well as Tom does. I think Tom is one of the most inspirational and spectacular people I’ve ever met.

  • We really enjoyed your podcast with tom rose and leadership. It was extremely interesting and engaging. It was humorus as well as intriguing. But it is just a shame that more humans don’t act like Tom’s dogs!

  • Tom and I were pretty close friends back in the 80s and early 90s, and then he moved away, and I haven’t seen him since. It was great hearing his voice again, and I really enjoyed listening to what he had to say. There was nothing at all wrong with this podcast except the lengthy, ridiculous disclaimer at the beginning.

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