Reflections on a Year of Podcasting

As the new year begins, Carrie reflects on what she learned and enjoyed from a full year of podcasting in 2016, and shares her thoughts on the upcoming year ahead.

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Carrie’s favorites:

  1. Episode 25 (Tom Rose)
  2. Mother’s Day Bonus (Nathan and Justin)
  3. Episode 15 (Gabby and Raj)
  4. Episode 12 (Michael Margolis)
  5. Episode 11 (Karen Pery)
  6. Episode 9 (Harte Logan)

Most popular:

  1. Episode 32 (Chris Voss)
  2. Episode 35 (Robbe Richman)
  3. Episode 14 (Steffan Surdek)
  4. Episode 8 (Mark Goulston)
  5. Episode 1 (Dave Logan)

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