Relationship Fun & Games with Gaby and Raj Sundra

This episodes is all about sex! Husband and wife team Gaby and Raj Sundra have applied their coaching, business and relationship skills to the bedroom. Carrie gets in bed (literally) with the happy couple to talk about how to keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty. They share how they went from a rocky start to being the power coaches for power couples. This is a sweet and intimate conversation about relationships, including some steamy recommendations. Learn how to:

  • Have amazing relationships – intimate and professional
  • Keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty
  • Master mini seductions
  • Keep connected even when you’re apart
  • Apply the Five Love Languages to sex and business
  • And more…

A lot of this podcast is focused on intimate relationships, but there is also great information that is applicable to all of your relationships, personal and professional.

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