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The Dark Side of Leadership with Dave Logan

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Leadership Unleashed! Carrie Kish sits down with her business partner and USC professor, Dave Logan, to talk about the origins of this podcast, and the dark side of leadership.

Join Carrie and Dave Logan as they discuss the origin of Leadership Unleashed and have a (mostly unedited) conversation about leadership. They talk about what it takes to be a leader that people can’t ignore. They talk about the dark side of leadership. They discuss the weirdest things they’ve done to develop their own leadership. And, they talk about what terrifies them. People are constantly entertained and fascinated by the fast paced, competitive conversations that Dave and Carrie have. Come get a “ring side seat” to just one of many great conversations that Dave and Carrie are having about leadership. In Dave’s own words: “Leadership Unleashed: It’s hard. It’s brutal. It’s full spectrum. It’s the highs. It’s the lows. It’s being pissed off. It’s finding your role. It’s finding something that terrifies the crap out of you and moving forward.” Listen to hear more.

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